Badal declines 'graceful' house offer from Amarinder

March 19, 2017 08:18 PM

In a statement here, Mr Badal also said he and his party would fully, whole-heartedly and constructively support any decision of the Congress  government in the state which is in the larger interest of the people of Punjab. “Shiromani Akali Dal does not believe in confrontation nor in criticism for the sake of criticism.”

Mr Badal said if the new government has the will to fulfil its promises, it can easily do so. “Their manifesto was prepared and released by one of the finest economists in the world, Dr Manmohan Singhji, and he would not have made these promises if he thought that the Punjab government’s treasury was empty and lacks the funds to meet these expenses.  So I expect the new government to fulfil their promises in the first months itself. I will personally congratulate them when they do so,” he added.

In a statement, Mr Badal said he and his party would fully, whole-heartedly and constructively support any decision of the Congress government in the state which is in the larger interest of the people of Punjab

Mr Badal added he was surprised over the setting up of a committee by the new govt to study the farmers’ debt. “All the details are available in government records and also in various studies conducted by farm economists and university experts. All it needs is for the new government to implement its promise.”

Stating that he does not believe that Amaridner Singh as a Sikh would go back on the promises he made with the sacred scriptures in his hand, Mr Badal said he was waiting for announcements not only on the drugs issue but also on the waiver of farmers debt, raising of pensions and the Shagun scheme amounts, and all others announced  by the Congress in their manifesto. “I believe they will not let the people down.”

“Quite honestly, I am surprised that the new government  could think nothing beyond announcing the policies and decisions already implemented by the SAD-BJP government,  Except a few cosmetic gestures like red beacons etc., almost 95 per cent of the announcements are either repeat of old policies or are mere empty rhetoric. For example, one of their 120 points  says that drug addicts would be treated with compassion.  How else do they think they should be treated? On the promise to ban sale of farmers land for loan defaults, Mr Badal said the SAD-BJP govt has already implemented that through the  Farmers Indebtedness Bill which prohibits sale of farmers land by banks or money lenders and banking institutions. Similarly, there is already a provision for confiscation of properties of drug traffickers and many had already been confiscated by the SAD-BJP government. The DTOs posts had already been made irrelevant with the introduction of the new format of issuance of driving and registration documents. All the Suvidha centers are already fully equipped with digital facilities like computers and internet with WiFi etc. All these decisions have funnily been included in the 120-points of the new government.

But the former chief minister, however, reiterated that the SAD-BJP combine would give the new government time to settle down before asking questions. 

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