Badal Enjoys Hardly Any Support among Haryana Sikhs

Chanchal Manohar Singh | July 27, 2014 07:53 AM
Chanchal Manohar Singh

That realization forced him to cancel Amritsar Sikh convention

By Chanchal Manohar Singh

Chandigarh, July 27: The Akal Takhat’s fiat, at the eleventh hour, provided a ‘much-needed alibi ’ to Parkash Singh Badal to cancel the Sikh conference, slated to be organized by the Shiromani Akali Dal and SGPC combine today at historic place, Manji Sahib in the Golden Temple. And, the cancellation of the Karnal Sikh convention called by the newly created Haryana was a natural corollary to Badal’s decision of withdrawing his well-designed offensive against the Haryana Sikhs.  

Ironically, the Jathedar has already ex-communicated  new Haryana committee (HSGPC) President Jagdish Singh Jhinda and senior Vice president Didar Singh Nalvi. Now, the Jathedar asked them the Ex-communicated leaders to cancel their convention at Karnal. 

Sounding fair and impartial, Akal Takht Jathedar Gurbachan Singh, directive to rival Sikh religious platforms revoke their respective public action programs in the overall interest of the Sikh community. The communal clashes over a piece of Gurdwara land in Saharanpur (UP), involving the killings of three people and injuring of several others Saturday morning came handy to the Jathedar and he cited that incident involving the other community, has to be taken care on priority. And, the   internecine conflict among the Sikhs over the management of Sikh shrines in Haryana could be resolved through dialogue later on. Both parties, hence, called off their respective conclaves in Amritsar and Karnal.

The Jathedar has not made it clear ‘who are the prominent Sikh personalities’ he wanted to involve in the proposed parleys at the Akal Takhat for cracking the hard stances taken by the two contending sides over the slicing away of the Gurdwara management of the Sikh shrines located in Haryana by the local Sikh from the control of the SGPC—a Sikh religious entity under the suzerainty the SAD, particularly Badal. Anyhow, the Jathedar aborted the tense situation treading towards a ‘flash-point’.   

Egged on being a share-holder of  NDA rule at New Delhi and being disturbed with prospects of losing control over the Sikh shrines in Haryana, Badal’s has showed no compunction in using his ‘muscle-power’ in religious affairs  by sending armed men, under the garb of SGPC task to restrain the new Haryana body from taking control of historic gurdwaras.

Ironically, the Jathedar has already ex-communicated  new Haryana committee (HSGPC) President Jagdish Singh Jhinda and senior Vice president Didar Singh Nalvi. Now, the Jathedar asked them the Ex-communicated leaders to cancel their convention at Karnal. These leaders along with other office bearers have taken oath to assume the management of the Sikh shrines in Haryana, thereby, according a complete legal shape to the HSGPC.

Hundreds of Sikhs including former Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee leaders were present at the Kaar Sewa Gurdwara, Kurukshater where the ex-communicated Sikhs were administered the oath. A seeming paradox prevails with politicking overwhelming the Sikh tenants as the Sikh congregation had ignored directive of the Aka Takht that ‘ no Sikh should deal with the ex-communicated Haryana Sikh leaders. The turn-around position taken by the Jathedar has left an intriguing impact on the devout Sikh.

Now the political grapevine in Chandigarh is rife with speculations that the Jathedar was again approached by the Badals to come out with a face-saving device for them as they had failed to muster requisite support of the Sikhs in Haryana.

Yet, some say, the BJP high command did not assure unstinted support to the Badals’ for their ‘campaign to retain control of Sikh shrines—faith centers of 3.5 million Sikhs population in Haryana. So far, not a single national or state level BJP leader has issued statement in support of the Badals and opposing the formation of the HSGPC.

Perhaps, the Badals have realized the futility of building a hyperbolic propaganda barrage against the new Haryana committee solely on half-truths and distortion of the facts and approached the Akal Takht for salvaging them from awkward situation they fell in.

 Sending of the armed men in the Haryana Gurdwaras, was resented by the Sikh sangat there and they stopped going there. The brow-beating tactics smacked of arrogance have, rather, earned a disgrace for the Badals, particularly in the face of peaceful struggle waged by their rivals.

Moreover, the Haryana government played coolly against the aggressive posturing of the Badals but refused to pay heed to the New Delhi’s missive to revoke the law passed by the state assembly for the creation of a separate SGPC for the state. Steadfast politicking by the Congress government in Haryana has duly exposed "unconstitutionality" and "illegality" of the Badal’s naked offence for retaining control on the Sikh voters in Haryana through the gurdwara politics.

Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda said the protests by some people in Punjab are only for gaining political mileage. "I don't understand what the SGPC and the SAD want. Sikhs in Haryana have been demanding a right to manage and run their gurdwaras. Now that the government had formed a legislation, why should anyone protest seeking denial of someone else's right?", he asked.

"I have appealed to Mr Badal already and I appealing him again not to vitiate the atmosphere in the two states. The legislation we have brought in is legally sound and will stand the test of any court. If the Akali Dal and the SGPC is so sure of their standing, they can go and challenge the Haryana Government's decision in any court and everyone will accept the verdict,” he added.





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