Online service available to bring mortal remains of NRIs from NECR countries

November 12, 2014 08:18 PM

By chanchal Manohar Singh
Chandigarh, November 12 (PKB): The Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs today launched a novel software module that will enable family member of a deceased to apply online for transportation of mortal remains of deceased NRIs in any ECR country.
According to an official spokesman, the issue of bringing back mortal remains of imigrants who die abroad.
The NRIs Ministry of government of india (GoI) ministry today launched this software where family can apply online for transportation of mortal remains from ECR countries including Malaysia, Jordan, UAE, Yemen, Lebanon, Qatar, Oman, Kuwait, Iraq, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Libya, Sudan, Syria, Thailand and they can track the status of mortal remains online till they are brought back to the country. The software module is available on website,
Once the family of the deceased applies online for bringing back the mortal remains, the missions would locate the destined country from where the mortal remains are required to be brought back and would process those cases for bringing back mortal remains expeditiously.

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