Centuries old ties compel people to live in peace

Chanchal Manohar Singh | August 14, 2019 07:16 AM
Pacifist Chanchal Manohar Singh with porter Ass Muhammad at Zero-line on Pak side
Chanchal Manohar Singh

This blog dipicts love , affection and warmth, rejecting day-to-day -acrimonious behaviour of two neighbours-India and Pakistan.  Ass Mohammad is with me in the photograph, used with this blog. This photograph was taken by a fellow porter of Ass Muhammad.  The photo was clicked on 8th August, 2019, on the Pakistan side, close to Zero line. I was returning to India after attending three-day function and preparations at Nanakana Sahib (Pakistan)  for the First ever International Nagar Kirtan originating from Janamasthan of the First Guru- Guru Nanak Devji-as a part of celebrations of their 550th birth anniversary. I was  motivated by his (AM’s)  talks in soft and sweet Punjabi. AM explained me he  is charging a genuine amount of ₹ 400/- (in Pakistani currency) for carrying my luggage up to zero line.

 As we walked, about two kilometres side by side, Ass Muhammad (AM) asked me, in which city, I live in India. I said Chandigarh. With great excitement, glow in his eyes and blushing face Ass Muhammad said Sardarji main tuhad shahr rehh Kai aaian. Cricket da match daikhan giya sii. I asked him are you  fan of cricket game. Ass Muhammad said: cricket nahai main te Punjab vakhin giya sii. Organisers of cricket match,  offered us accommodation at Sardarji’s  house (Sector 9, Chandigarh), who served us well and treated us as if me and three others from Pakistan belongs to some Royal families. sardarji Nai Saadi Bahut Sewa kitti. Before migrating to Pakistan after partition, We had been living in  Ambala cantt, sardarji drive down to Ambala Cantt to show me my city. He also took us to Delhi , kept us in a hotel and took us around to show us Delhi . He paid for everything in Delhi and Ambala as well. I can’t forget all that.

Continuous threats from both sides-India and Pakistan-of launching war, does not affect the centuries old ties of people, who had been living peacefully for centuries,  before Indian Sub-Continent, was divided into two-India and Pakistan- in 1947. Before parting,  we hugged each other at Zero line, the-Rangers and BSF personals-continuously observed us without uttering anything. We separated to move towars our way. Ass Muhammad: Sat Sri Akal ji.


May Allah bless Ass Muhammad. I wish him happy life.

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