15 Sikhs killed in a suicidal blast in Afghanistan

July 02, 2018 10:55 PM

Jalalabad (Afghanistan) July 1, 2018 : As many as 15 people, mostly Sikhs were reported killed and 20 more injured in a deadly blast in the city of Jalalabad in Afghanistan.

Provincial government's spokesman said a suicide bomber struck a market, killing at least 12 people and wounding 20.

One online media portal reported that 17 Sikhs along with one security officer were killed in the blast.CNN report says the attack was planned by ISI.

The list ( received so far )  of Sikhs killed in the blast is as under : 

1-Mehar Singh, Chief of Sikh Community 

2-Amret Singh Deputy Chief 

3-Inder Jit Singh 

4-Narender Singh 

5-Anup Singh

6-Baljit Singh 

7-Manmeet Singh 

8-Avtar Singh

9-Rawail Singh 

The number of causalities may be more as some others were badly injured with burns with the blast.The Sikh delegation was on its way to meet Afghan president.

They were discussing ways and means to bolster the government-initiated peace process to encourage the Taliban to initiate a dialogue with the government to end the country's lingering crisis.

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