Rana Sugars dares Khaira to prove single charge of pollution

May 27, 2018 11:02 PM

Amritsar, May 27, 2018: Rana Sugars Private Limited today lashed out at Aam Aadmi Party leader Sukhpal Khaira for allegedly trying to run a malicious campaign against it for partisan and personal reasons.

The company challenged the AAP leader to prove even one of the several charges he has been leveling against it during the last several days.

However, Khaira in a statement here today stated that during his battle to save the waters of the Punjab and the environment, he is not afraid of the tyranny of arrogant politicians like former tainted Minister Rana Gurjit Singh and will continue his war of state interests till the last.

Khaira said today he had a program today at Village Buttar Sivian, to examine the release of toxic industrial wastage by Rana Sugar mill in the adjacent drain, which ultimately merges with river Beas. Due to the release of polluted waste, residents of surrounding villages are suffering from chronic diseases such as cancer, Hepatitis, blindness etc. Apart from releasing poisonous residue into the drain the said Rana Sugar Mill has several large bores of more than 500 feet in the factory premises to dispose toxic waste into the soil. By doing so the mill has contaminated the ground water and the water of surrounding villages has been polluted upto such extent that it cannot be used for drinking and even irrigation human purposes. Due to this widespread pollution, the existence of upcoming generations has been endangered also. By these wrongful acts of the mill a huge number of aquatic animals and other animals including livestock have been killed in large numbers and due to pollution the water in surrounding villages has turned into poison.

Khaira who inspected the drain according to his schedule and inspected the villages adjacent to the factory Dhardion, Butter, Gagarbhana etc., where villagers told him about their problems. Huge number of patients suffering from cancer, hepatitis, blindness met.

Khaira told that a notice has been issued to Rana Sugar Mill by the National Green Tribunal. Khaira also informed that he has written to the Chairman of the Punjab Pollution Control Board regarding strict criminal proceedings against Rana Sugar Mill on complaints of residents of the villagers.

On the other side Sugar mill owned by Rana in  a separate statement the company clarified that it was running strictly according to the norms of the environment ministry and pollution control board and had obtained all the mandatory clearances, which were renewed from time to time after proper scrutiny and examination.

The company also denied that it ever tried to stop Khaira from visiting the sugar mill premises in Buttar Sivian near here. “It is so characteristic of Khaira to resort to theatrics and create a hype and eventually beat a hasty retreat taking one excuse or the other”, Rana Veer Partap Singh, one of the Directors of the company and a son of Rana Gurjeet, said while responding to Khaira’s charges that he was deliberately prevented from visiting the mill.

Refuting Khaira’s charge that the company had set up a “reverse bore-well” inside the premises to pump the waste water back into the ground, Veer Pratap challenged him (Khaira) that if he could prove it  (existence of reverse bore-well) they will shut down the mill”.

The company official said that although the mill was running strictly according to the norms and procedures, it will still welcome another inspection by the environment experts or officials of the ministry and Pollution Control Board. “But even that will not satisfy Khaira as he continues to suffer from pathological hatred for Rana Gurjeet borne out of personal jealousy and can stoop to any low to malign his image”, the Rana Veer Partap said, adding, otherwise he should be seen in Kiri Afghana the actual place of molasses spill into Beas where he preferred not to go. 

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