Hindu outfit plans ‘beti bachao, bahu lao’ campaign to counter love jihad

December 01, 2017 10:34 PM

Dec 01, 2017, Agra-Announcing a campaign to counter ‘love jihad’, Hindu Jagran Manch (HJM), affiliated to Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP), plans to convince in six months 2,100 educated Muslim girls to marry Hindu boys.


State president of ‘Bahu Beti’ cell of HJM Ajju Chauhan and HJM city unit president Jitendra Pratap Singh told media persons that 15 Muslim girls had been convinced in the last one year and their campaign would focus on bringing more ‘daughters-in-law’ from the other community.

“The exercise is aimed at making Uttar Pradesh free of love jihad. For this, 2,100 educated girls from the Muslim community will be convinced to marry Hindu boys in the next six months,” Chauhan said, adding that it would check the falling population of Hindus.

“Love jihad” is a term popularised by radical Hindu groups to describe what they believe is an organized conspiracy of Muslim men to force or trick Hindu women into conversion and marriage.

Hindu girls who had fallen prey to love jihad in the past have been brought back. We will also undertake a campaign in Agra to check cases of love jihad as part of our ‘Beti bachao, bahu lao’ campaign,” he said.

Chauhan claimed that the campaign would ensure a better life for educated Muslim girls.

“We are constituting ‘Beti bachao, bahu lao’ teams at mohalla and tehsil levels, which will expose people targeting Hindu girls,” Chauhan said.

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