USA truck drivers to hold big protest rally against ELD mandate at Yuba City

October 25, 2017 07:37 AM

Indianapolis, October 24, 2017: With a view to further continuing their fight against the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate, Sikhs Political Action Committee Founder and Chairman Gurinder Singh Khalsa of Fishers announced that  former judge Linda Chezem would address the truck owners on November 4  at 4:00 pm during the Sikh Parade at Yuba City (California). This is the biggest Sikh Parade in USA. Almost 100.000 Sikhs participate every year. This year truck owner operators are planning gather at Yuba City to draw the attention of the US Administration and demand in delaying the ELD implementation. 

Former judge Linda Chezem, who along with Mr Forrest Lucas of of Lucas Oil Petroleum and SikhsPAC chairman Gurinder Singh Khalsa recently met Vice-President Mike Pence in Washington DC, will address gathering

Mrs Linda Chezem, who along with Mr Forrest Lucas of Lucas Oil Petroleum and Mr Gurinder Singh Khalsa recently visited Washington DC and held discussion of the ELD issue with Vice President Mike Pence, speaking to a Punjabi TV channel said "Mr Lucas and Mr Gurinder are very tenacious in bringing the attention of the US Administration that implementation of ELD will hurt independent  truck owners-drivers. Ninety five per cent of truck drivers in USA are independent truck owners. Eighty five per cent of the population depend  on trucks for delivery of their goods and products. People, who are already stretched economically, cannot afford the price increase."

Though she described the talks with Vice President Mike Pence very positive, but cautioned "however the battle has not yet won..."

Mr Lucas, who is fully supporting and appreciating the efforts of the SikhsPAC chairman Gurinder Singh Khalsa and Mrs Linda Chezem on demand of delaying the ELD device mandate, said " what I am doing, should every body be doing it for the sake of our country."  During their talks in White House, the delegation was given assurance.

A supporter of farmers and sportspersons, Mr Lucas said "with the implementation of the ELD mandate, every body will be affected. It will have a huge affect on the public. The Government should dig into it and examine what is good for us and find out what is bad for us and others, I think  the Government will do away with it after finding the facts.  If implemented, the American trucking will stop and affect every body." 

Those who want to use the electronic device they can have it and others should not have to do it, advocated Mr Lucas.

The December 18, 2017 deadline for ELD will impose not only higher costs on the trucking industry but also harm the buying power of the American consumers, according to SikhsPAC chairman. 

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