Amidst chaos SGPC men throw out head of Gurdwara Chhota Ghallughara trust out of Akal Takhat

October 12, 2017 08:47 PM

AMRITSAR: A complete mess prevailed at the Akal Takhat (highest Sikh temporal seat) in the premises of Golden Temple when SGPC employees and member of Task Force forcibly removed Gurdwara Chhota Ghallughara trust head Johar Singh when he was sitting inside the Akal Takhat here today. 

Johar Singh had today come to Akal Takhat as summoned by the parallel jathedars appointed by Sarbat Khalsa.Johar Singh today arrived much earlier at Akal Takaht before the arrival of parallel jathedars with the motive to appear before them as summoned for religious misconduct at Gurdwara Chhota Ghallughara falling in Gurdaspur district.

Situation took worst turn, when task force members and SGPC employees asked him to vacate the Akal Takhat venue as he could not appear before so called Akal Takhat Jathedar Dhian Singh Mand.

Johar Singh was forcibly lifted by the task force when he denied to  go out from the Akal Takhat. A sizeable gathering of taskforce lifted Joahr Singh and took him out from Akal Takhat to Golden Temple and finally he was manhandled to vaccate the Golden Temple premises.

Addressing the media persons outside the Golden Temple, Johar Singh alleged that he was sitting calmly inside the Akal Takhat premises when SGPC employees manhandled him and thrown him out by lifting from his shoulders and legs. 

Johar Singh claimed that SGPC employees were saying that he couldn’t sit in the premises of Akal Takhat since parallel Akal Takhat jathedar was arriving here and it would disturb the religious sanctity of this pious place. 

Later talking to media Parallel Akal Takhat Jathedar Dhian Singh along with his colleagues jathedar Amrik Singh Ajnala and Jathdar Baljit Singh Daduwal outside the Golden Temple said that Johar Singh appeared before them, whereupon he was awarded Tankah (religious punishment) to dust shoes, cleaning of utensils in Langar (community kitchen)  besides to listen religious hymns for the seven days in Golden Temple.

When Johar Singh was asked whether he would go to Golden Temple from Tomorrow as directed by the parallel jathedars, in a reply he said that for him they were real Jathedar as they were appointed Sarbat Khalsa which had also removed the present jathedar Giani Gurbachan Singh appointed by SGPC. He said that he would start his sewa from tomorrow in Golden Temple for religious atonement.  He said in all circumstance he would go to Golden Temple and it hardly mater if SGPC employees prevent his entry there. 

Earlier there were heated arguments between the SGPC employees and Task Force who prevented SGPC employees which with the help of naked swords were forcing Johar Singh to vacate the Akal Takhat. Since Task Force was not in favour to bring in use naked swords in the premises of Golden Temple.

It may be mentioned here that  a senior functionary of the Chhota Ghallughara  trust was caught with a woman in an objectionable position at the gurdwara on August 11 night.  Johar Singh being head of the Trust was summoned at Takhat as why he had not initiated action against his colleague.  

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