Indian origin people highly skilled in comparison other ethnic groups

October 11, 2017 05:25 AM

Indian origin people highly skilled in comparison other ethanic groups


London: Britain’s Indian-origin population tends to be among the most highly skilled in comparison to the country’s other ethnic minority categories, according to a new ‘Race Disparity Audit’ released on Tuesday.


The audit, commissioned by Prime Minister Theresa May to tackle racial discrimination within the UK’s public services, also found that students from Indian background showed high performance rates compared to other communities.

“Indian people were the most likely to work in the highest-skilled occupational groups: over one in 10 were in manager, director and senior official roles and over three in 10 were in professional occupations,” the audit notes.

“Pupils from Chinese and Indian backgrounds showed high attainment and high rates of entry to university… Indian pupils were much more likely to meet standards and make progress than Pakistani pupils,” it adds. 

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