Shrimp farming changes the fate of farmers of Muktsar

October 02, 2017 07:46 PM

Sri Muktsar Sahib, 2 October 2017:Shrimp fish farming have started the process of changing the fate of the farmers of the waterlogged affected district Sri Muktsar Sahib. For the first time in the district, under the subsidy scheme of Punjab Government, shrimp fish farming was started and today the harvesting of fish has been started in the presence of Deputy Commissioner Mr. Sumit Jarangal. The first day of production brought happiness to the faces of the peasantry present at the fish ponds of Harpinder Kaur and Juginder Kaur in village Koliawali.

Shrimp farming has changed the fate of farmers of Muktsar district

Shrimp of Rs 12 Lacs produced from one acre: DC Sumeet

Bumper production of shrimp from waterlogged saline water

On the occasion, Deputy Commissioner Mr. Sumit Jarangal IAS told APS Brar that this project of Fisheries was started by the government this year and bumper production in saline water brought a new hope for farmer community. He said that the results of the first year are encouraging and the traders from Delhi came to buy fish on the farmers' pond at attractive rates. This year 5 farmers had done fish farming and in the next year 50 farmers will be motivated for shrimp farming. “Income from this is many times more than the normal crop income. Four months ago the seed was brought from Tamil Nadu by the airplane and now the crop is ready for harvest,” he added.

DC said that the shrimp farming is done in the area where the salinity of water is more than 5 ppt. He said that there is saline water in the south western district of Punjab; therefore fish farming in these districts can become a major source of income for farmers. He said that 90% subsidy is being given to dig the ponds for shrimp farming, whereas 50% subsidy is being given for the purchase of seed feed and other equipments. He said that fish of about 12 lacs is produced from one acre. The interested farmers to do fish farming can contact the Fisheries Department.

On this occasion farmers Harpinder Kaur and Fateh Singh said that the cost of production for shrimp farming is very high per hectare but the income is also double. They thanked the government and said that the government has created gold for them from their useless wasteland. They said that this crop has a lot of profit in about 4 months and the economic problem of farmers can take away by this fish. “The most important thing is that we can produce shrimp fish in waste land with saline water”, they added.

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