Extradition of Jassi murder accused : Dosanjh’s wife expresses resentment, writes to Minister of Justice

September 25, 2017 03:43 AM

Vancouver, September 25, 2017: Justice loving Indian origin Canadians has started expressing resentment on the issue of stay of the extradition of Jassi murder case accused to India. Although, the provisional stay has been granted by the BC court but it is being apprehended that the policy of delaying tactics is being followed to put hurdles for the implementation of extradition process.

Resentment on “delaying tactics” for extradition of Jassi murder accused, Dosanjh’s activist wife writes to law minister

Jassi’s murder , being a case of domestic violence against women , the women activists have start openly speaking on the issue asking Canadian authorities to make it sure  that there would be no further delay to provide justice in this case.

Mrs. Raminder Kaur Dosanjh , a women activist , in an open letter written to Ms. Wilson-Raybould, Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada, have appealed to do decide the appeal of the accused in favor of justice.

Raminder Dosanjh @ Rammi is the wife of Ujjal Dosanjh who is the former Premier of BC and former Federal Health Minister of Canada. Dosanjh has also mentioned the letter in his latest blog.

Raminder Dosanjh wrote to the Minister, “Let justice reign. Let the extradition proceed.”

It may be recalled that the three member team of Punjab Police, who had gone to Canada to get the custody of Jassi’s mother Malkiat Kaur and Uncle Surjit Singh Badesha, is on way back to India empty handed as the BC court had stayed the extradition proceedings.

Following is the text of the open letter of Raminder Dosanjh writer to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada:

An Open Letter to Minister Wilson-Raybould,

Dear Minister,

With great dismay I read the news that the extradition of the two Canadians accused in Jassi Sidhu's murder approved by the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) has been, albeit temporarily, halted by the B C Court of Appeal. The muddled circumstances under which this reportedly appears to have happened have caused further distress to those who have waited long for justice in this terrible case of alleged long distance murder. For their application in the Court of Appeal the accused appear to be arguing that you have either not reviewed the SCC decision or you have not shared the result of your review with the public or the accused.

As an activist helping women facing domestic violence I wish to make you aware of the threats other women faced of a fate similar to Jassi's if they dared disobey their male partners or married against the wishes of the family. This happened when the murder was initially reported but nothing was done to investigate it in Canada despite reports that it was allegedly the handiwork of Jassi's uncle and mother. Now, once again, our hopes for the extradition of the accused and justice have been dashed.

As you review the decision of the SCC, keep in mind the fact that the accused, sitting in Canada, allegedly hired killers in India to kill a Canadian; that our police didn't lift a finger to investigate the matter; that for the longest time the arm of the law didn't touch them; that India is a democracy, perhaps somewhat more imperfect than Canada's, and a country of laws and therefore you must disregard the flimsy excuses made by the accused that they will face unfair trial or torture in India; that our highest court has now seen fit to order the extradition of the two alleged Canadian masterminds who allegedly made Jassi's brutal murder happen; that the court had considered all the circumstances and evidence presented to it; that the accomplices of the two Canadian accused have already faced trial in India and some were convicted; the Canadian accused were allowed to roam freely until after your predecessor allowed the extradition proceeding to be commenced in Canada.

Letting the alleged masterminds of Jassi's killing go untried will embolden others to commit violence upon women. Please review the SCC decision. If the review is already done, please share the results of the same with the accused and the public.

In the end, let justice reign. Let the extradition proceed.

Raminder Dosanjh, A founder member of India Mahilla(Women's) Association. (1973)

PS: I have made changes to the original letter to ensure the two accused are only presented as accused since they have not been convicted of any offences relating the Sidhu murder.

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." M.L.K. 

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