Haryana Govt fails to handle Dera Crisis : Jagwinder Patial

September 21, 2017 03:50 AM

Chandigarh, September 20, 2017: “Despite strict instructions by the High Court, the Haryana Govt made no worthwhile effort to prevent the volatile mob from assembling in insane numbers  of Dera Sacha Sauda  well before August 25 resulting a massive eruption and massive damage.” said Jagwinder Patial, Executive Editor, ABP News Channel who was covering the entire episode from ground zero while addressing a session conducted on his ground zero experiences by Chandigarh Press Club organized at Club premises.

Chandigarh Press Club organized a session with Jagwinder Patial on his ground zero report of Dera issue

“It seems as if the administration was not willing to take any prelim action as the mob start arriving almost a week ahead. The media were abandoned to the wolves even as OB vans were put on torch and attacked personally and Govt. enforcing agencies act just as mute spectators.” rue Patial a veteran of twenty years reporting in India and abroad.

In his address, Patial shared his heroic experiences while reporting the entire episode. “So must of hype was created, hence the people curiosity was obivious. Since curfew was enforced which enable people with no option left at home, but glued to the TV set for the latest updates. TV news channels sense this not only as the usual reporting but competition as well for the quick and accurate reporting. This remind us actual conflict zone like situations and everyone presented the news their own way amidst immense pressure” said Patial

He shared the successful mantras of reporting which is just not a profession but a passion. “The more commitment you put in, the more you enjoy the passion of journalism. Better planning & contacts, better planning involving back up plans, preparedness for the worst, proper execution with own team are certain key areas which can vital in electronic channel reporting.” said Patial, the veteran of many conflict zones in Iraq and Afghanistan.

He also lauded the guidelines of the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting upon electronic media reporting which hampers the conducts of operations on terrorists and other unsocial elements. While referring the examples of Mumbai attacks and Parliament attacks, he stressed upon deferred LIVE telecasts of any army or police operations.

Patial also narrate his challenges of reporting on the foreign lands including war trodden zone of Iraq and Afghanistan.  

He emphasized upon the fitness of a journalist which helps them in long run.

Earlier Saurabh Duggal, Senior Vice President, Chandigarh Press Club in his welcome addressed said Govt. in his behavior are try to make fourth pillar is to be more soft in his profession. Our endavour is to intact the integrity of journalisms by conducting such series of events.

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