Liquid Oxygen storage to increase in PGI

August 28, 2017 10:38 PM

Aug 28, 2017 -P.G.I. is Asia’s largest research center, which is located in Chandigarh, was established in 1962. Its motto is to serve the nation, help the needy and research for social welfare. PGI is the first hospital which has produced many successes.

Now PGI management will increase the storage of liquid oxygen gas plant in the hospital. In a recent meeting of the administration, it was decided that the 7,000 kilo-liquid oxygen plant already existing in the hospital will be replaced with a 12,000 kg plant.

The administration officials believe that with the introduction of new storage plant, the capacity of the oxygen plant will increase in PGI. Currently there are 4 liquid oxygen plants in it from which 2 advanced Padatric are located in the department. Through these oxygen is transported at the cardiac center, while 2 plants are located in Nehru Hospital. 

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