Apple’s next launch: new Mac Mini in October: Report

September 28, 2014 01:43 AM
Apple new Mac Mini

October is likely to be the most compelling month of the year when it comes to technology. Not only will we finally see Windows 9 story unravel, there's also the likelihood of witnessing a new Mac Mini model popping up alongside new Apple iPad tablets and OS X Yosemite.

Unidentified sources have told MacRumors that Apple is planning to refresh its diminutive Mac computer — one that will probably ship with the latest iteration of Apple's operating system.

There are no details about what exactly a refresh will entail but if past models serve as an indication, we could see the new Intel Core M appear in one of those.

Not a priority for Apple?
The 2012 model ran on Intel's Ivy Bridge processors and currently costs £499 (about $799, AU$899). Its tiny form factor and versatility means that it is also very popular as a server.

Mac Mini is ideally suited for those who already have an existing monitor, mouse and keyboard.

However the new Apple iMac which adds a better processor, improved graphics and a 21.5-inch display for an additional £200 (when compared to an equivalent Mac Mini) is probably a better buy for those looking for a new system.

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