Review decision to disband truck unions, demands AAP

August 07, 2017 09:58 PM
CHANDIGARH: The leader of opposition in Punjab Vidhan Sabha,Sukhpal Singh Khaira on Sunday criticized the decision ofCapt Amrinder Singh led Congress Government for disbanding truck unions  in the state. In a press statement, Khaira said that displaying his feudal mindset, Capt. Amarinder Singh has arbitrarily disbanded truck unions in Punjab. By doing so, he has not only snatched the livelihood of approx. 1 lac truck operators but has put to risk the future of their families as well. 
Khaira said that the ages old system of truck unions was adopted primarily to safeguard the interest of small and marginal truck operators, who otherwise cannot compete with corporate logistic companies. Through the system of  truck unions these small operators were guaranteed some sort of minimum annual income. Most of the trucks owned by the small and marginal operators cannot cover long distances, due to old machinery and in no manner can they ever compete with brand new huge fleets of trucks owned by corporate companies. Most of the truck unions in Punjab undertake localized transportation work such as of FCI, local industry including rice shellers etc.
The LOP said that these truck unions were also responsible for shifting food grains from the purchase centers to the godowns as well as rail heads. Most of the small and marginal truck operators do not own more than one truck which barely earns them their livelihood. “It also appears that a powerful lobby of corporate business houses and big logistic companies has influenced Capt. Amarinder Singh, to do away with the truck union system in Punjab. The  truck unions  ensured good rates to the local truck operators, which was not to the liking of the said business houses.” Khaira said. He said that It is pertinent to mention, that the small and marginal truck operators  can neither afford to work on lesser competitive rates like the big companies, nor do they have brand new efficient trucks like them.
“The decision to disband truck unions is also in complete contradiction to the election manifesto of the Congress party, which promised lacs of new jobs in the state. Instead of offering new jobs Capt. Amarinder Singh has virtually rendered approx. one lac families of truck operatpots  jobless, by his erroneous and feudal decision.” said the leader.
Khaira said that the arbitrary decision of Capt. Amarinder Singh has not only upset the future of one lac truck operators in state but has also severely affected the financial position of a vast network of other organizations, labour  etc. connected with the business of truck unions . “Therefore, I urge Capt. Amarinder Singh to reconsider his decision to disband truck unions , as it has endangered the lives and future of nearly one lac truck operator families of Punjab and many more directly and indirectly with this trade.” Khaira said.
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