Son of Haryana BJP chief arrested for stalking girl

August 06, 2017 11:56 AM

CHANDIGARH: BJP's Haryana  unit chief Subhash Barala son was arrested late Friday night after he and a friend allegedly chased and harassed the daughter of a senior Haryana bureaucrat on a prominent thoroughfare of Chandigarh.

The girl was driving a car while Vikas Barala and Ashish Kumar were in an SUV. The men allegedly tried to waylay the girl's car repeatedly and even tried to enter the vehicle.

The girl's father posted the entire details on Facebook. "As a father of two daughters, I feel compelled to take this matter to its logical conclusion. The goons must be punished, and the law must take its course. As would be expected, the goons are from influential families," he said. Police intercepted the two on Friday night while they were still following the girl. The cops have charged them with stalking and wrongful restraint. Officials said their medical report confirmed they were in an inebriated state at the time of arrest.

DSP Satish Kumar said the girl called up police control room around 12.35 am and reported that two boys in a white Tata Safari had been following her. She alleged that the accused tried to block her car thrice at different locations.

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