Custom officials detect two with gold in tiffin carriers from Dubai-Chandigarh flight

July 28, 2017 07:09 PM

Chandigarh: Coffee mugs and a biryani-filled tiffin box have joined the long list of ways couriers have tried smuggling gold into the country. In another incident, two passengers from Dubai landed at the Chandigarh International Airport, allegedly carrying 350gm of 24-carat gold worth Rs 10 lakh, on Wednesday evening.

Identified as Saleem and Ameer Alan from Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh, both were carrying tiffin boxes and coffee mugs that contained gold foil. The precious metal was detected when it went through the X-ray machine.

In the last two cases, customs officials caught a Maharashtra man and recovered 407gm of gold from his rectum, followed by a Batala man who was carrying 540gm of gold inside the beading of his suitcase.

Sources said gold foil was found wrapped around the tiffin boxes, covered with white tape on the outside. Customs first got the lead from the tiffin boxes.

They added that the two men later said they were also carrying gold inside the coffee mugs.

An official said, “The coffee mugs had an outer plastic layer and an inner body of steel. We broke open the outer layer to find the gold wrapped around the steel.”

Saleem was carrying gold worth Rs 4.7 lakh while Ameer was carrying gold over Rs 5 lakh. Both are couriers for a larger gang operating in India. The Chandigarh airport has turned into a soft target ever since an international flight started from here in September 2016.

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