Hotel staff refuses room to couple having two different religions

July 05, 2017 09:36 PM

BENGALURU: A controversy broke out on Wednesday when the staff of a private hotel on Annipura main road refused room to an Interfaith couple, saying they had no valid documents like voter ID or driving license, which are a must to book a hotel room.

However, the man identified as Shaffek Subaida Hakkim alleged that the staff of the hotel situated opposite BMTC bus terminal, Shantinagar, Central part of city refused the room since they both belonged to two different religions.

"I am Shaffek and she is Divya. We have come to the city from Kerala for job interviews. The hotel staff are refusing the room since we both belong to two different religion," he said.

However, the couple left the hotel before the police could record their statement.

Senior police officers from SJ Park police station said they received no complaint either from the couple or from the hotel staff.


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