Electricity junction boxes posing danger in the city

June 30, 2017 09:36 PM

Chandigarh : Following the electrocution of 17-year-old Golu in Mani Majra and the issue of open electricity junction boxes posing danger in the city being highlighted in these columns, the Municipal Corporation has identified 25,000 such junction boxes.

The civic body is planning to raise the position of the junction boxes on the poles to prevent thefts. Besides, cases of theft of covers of junction boxes will be reported to the police.

The move is aimed at preventing theft of covers and electrocution. Chief Engineer NP Sharma told Chandigarh Tribune, “In a survey, we found that of the 48,000 electricity junction boxes, 25,000 are without covers. The covers have been stolen. It was found that the theft generally takes place between 2 am and 5 am.” As an interim arrangement, the MC has resorted to "tapping" of open wiring at these boxes. In the past two days, 560 of these have already been tapped. Putting covers on all boxes is a long exercise which involves floating of tenders and seeking approval.

“We are planning to engage the EESL (Energy Efficient Services Ltd), which has been tasked with replacing all lights with LED lights, to raise the position of the junction boxes on the electricity poles. This will help check theft of covers,” Sharma said.


Bugged with the theft of covers, officials said they would now report each case to the police and get a DDR filed. They said a majority of the thefts were committed by drug addicts, who sold the metal cover for Rs 12 to Rs 15.

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