Chandigarh to launch app to find mosquito-breeding sites

June 25, 2017 10:17 PM

Chandigarh : With Chandigarh reporting 856 cases of dengue last year and 15 cases of the deadly mosquito-borne disease reported till June 22 this year, the city needs to gear up to prevent the spread of the disease, before the monsoon. Sensitive to this, the UT administration will launch two mobile applications by July-end. One of these will be for people to report a mosquito-breeding site and seek action.

The second app is for the staff of the department to record their live update on cases, progress towards creating awareness etc. "For those who want to register a complaint about any mosquito breeding site or any other issue related with vector-borne diseases, he /she can download the app, click on the complaint option and file a complaint. He /she can even send pictures," an officer with the vector-borne disease control programme said.

He added suggestions can also be sent as people can simply choose the option 'Suggestion' and write in. The app also lists symptoms, causes and preventive measures for the three vector-borne diseases, ie dengue, chikungunya and malaria.

According to the information on the app, kiwi, papaya, pomegranate, beetroot, giloy and wheatgrass help increase platelet count among dengue patients. "Lemon grass and Citronella oil are very good herbal mosquito repellants. One just needs to add four drops of these oils in a cream and can apply it on the exposed body parts. This app will also inform people about these options and be of great help," the officer added.

The second app provides a reporting mechanism for staff working in the field. They can record their observations like number of houses screened, number of notices / challans served and other details. The UT health department is also working on a website of the National Vector Borne Diseases Control Programme that will be of huge assistance.

The website will have a kids' corner, wherein comic strips will provide information of mosquito-borne disease, for professionals the website will have national guidelines, for common public it will have a detailed brief. There will also be an option to file a complaint on the website.

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