10-year-old girl forced to do 200 sit-ups for unbraided hair

June 14, 2017 08:56 AM
Unable to walk girl brought to hospital

AHMEDABAD: A 10-year-old girl was forced to do 200 sit-ups in one hour, at an English-medium school in Maninagar on Monday. The incident sent a shockwave among parents and they protested at the school and demanded action against those responsible. The district education officer (DEO) has ordered an inquiry into the incident. The girl's father filed an FIR with Maninagar police, accusing the school's trustee of using corporal punishment, late on Monday night.

 According to education department officials, Honey Prajapati, 10, a resident of CTM, is in class V at Lalita Green Lawns School near Jawahar Chowk in Maninagar. For the past few days, she had a swelling on her head due to which she could not comb her hair properly while going to school on Monday. The school has rule mandating two braids but she had tied her hair in a ponytail.

 Pravin Prajapati, a tea stall owner and Honey's father, said the classs teacher took the case to a trustee, identified as Vinniben, after which Honey was taken near the principal's office. She did not listen to her explanation for the ponytail and insisted that she be punished for flouting the rules, he said. Honey was made to perform sit-ups for one period or approximately one hour. The incident was captured on CCTV, said sources.

"It was already a trauma that she was humiliated in front of other students. However, when she came back home at about 12.30pm, she was crying in pain and could not stand properly due to the swelling in her legs, my wife told me about the incident after which we took her to LG Hospital. Such behaviour cannot be tolerated. I have come to Maninagar police station to lodge a complaint against the trustee and all those responsible," said Prajapati.

Navneet Mehta, DEO, Ahmedabad city, said a probe has been ordered in the incident. "Action will be taken against all those found responsible and we will lodge a complaint with the police if needed," he said.


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