Police transfers after political recommendations by ruling party

May 18, 2017 07:31 AM

Chandigarh : Police transfers on political recommendations by ruling party. Police officers backed off for the settlement with congress politicians; police chief may also get affected on district level. There were transfers in Punjab on DSP rank. 22 DSP got transferred.To settle down the controversy between congress politicians and chief police officer, police start working on congress politicians recommendations. To calm workers of Ruling party police office transferred many of their staff including 22 DSP.

By source there will be transfers again on SP rank shortly. There are many SP’s in that list on which congress workers obliged for not doing their work. There will we can see the transfers of some police chiefs. May be Firozpur and Batala police chiefs may get transferred shortly.

According to CMO there are many complaints against the police chief officers of many districts of corruption and for not doing their work on time and properly.There was a big issue with police chiefs by the starting days of the ruling party workers. After the CM interference there are transfers get started and settled down with the congress politicians.

In bathinda finance minister manpreet badal took the action against DSP rank. On reference of congress leader gurpreet singh kangar from rampura fool 2 DSP and one SP got transferred.

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