US President Donald Trump threatens to cancel media briefings

May 13, 2017 04:52 PM

Escalating his confrontation with the media, the US President Donald Trump has threatened to cancel the White House press briefings and instead issue written responses to questions "for accuracy".


The White House recently came under strong criticism for its shifting explanations and misstatements about the firing of FBI Director James Comey.


"Maybe the best thing to do would be to cancel all future 'press briefings' and hand out written responses for the sake of accuracy???" Trump said in a series of tweets.


Describing himself as a "very active president", Trump said it was becoming very difficult for his surrogates to explain things with perfect accuracy to reporters at the news conferences.


However, this is not the first time that the Trump administration has threatened to limit the media access. Earlier, Trump's aides had mooted the idea of shifting the media from the White House to the nearby Executive Office Building to accommodate media interest.

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