Saradhs also called sharadhs are forbidden in Sikh religion whereas in Hindu religion saradhs are held in memory of the deceased ancestors every year in the month of Asu, the seventh desi month which corresponds to the month of September.

Why BJP's changing approach to Sikhs is akin to playing with fire

In unleashing the same propaganda machine against the Sikhs, especially as it pertains to an issue linked to one of their holiest shrines, the karmabhoomi of their founder, Guru Nanak Dev, the BJP may be playing with fire that patriotic, and smart, Indians would rather not.

Bhai Ghanaiya Ji : Humanitarian and Benevolent Sikh (1648-1718)

Bhai Ghanaiya Ji also known as Bhai Kanhaiya Ji was born in a Badhavan (Dhamman) Khatri family in Sohdra situated on the bank of Chandarbhaga canal near Wazirabad in Gujaranwala district which now falls in Pakistan.

FBOs rush for licences as impact of Tandarust Punjab Mission

Impact Tandrust Punjab Mission: FBOs rush for license/registration

4518 applications received in a month

STF to be independant as State Intel Wing

Punjab merges State Narcotics Control Bureau with STF

Five Member SIT to probe four criminal cases related to Sacrilege

Director Bureau of Investigation Prabodh Kumar to head SIT. The SIT mandates to ensure further legal action at the earliest.

'Ancient India' or 'Ancient Pakistan': A Dilemma

Modern India’s exclusive use of the name ‘India’ has helped spread the perception that it is the only rightful inheritor of the subcontinent’s ancient legacy.

Sidhu urges Sushma Swaraj to make efforts to get Kartarpur corridor opened

Punjab Minister Navjot Singh Sidhu has written to External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj asking her to “make every possible effort and bring boundless joy and happiness to the Sikh community world over” over the demand to open up a Kartarpur Sahib corridor.