Yogi calls Bulandshahar cop killing an accident

The Uttar Pradesh chief minister has remained conspicuously silent on the death of the police inspector, but has spoken out against alleged cow slaughter.

India should encourage people’s initiatives to forge normal relations with Pakistan

The election of the eminent Pakistani cricketer, Imran Khan, as Prime Minister (albeit through a flawed election) has rekindled hopes among committed democrats in South Asia, especially India, that Pakistan is about to emerge into a new dawn. Also that it would bring to an end many of the travails that afflict India-Pakistan relations today.

Report that showed higher GDP growth under UPA than Modi’s NDA removed from govt website

Report by government-backed panel has pegged average growth under UPA at 8%, higher than that during 4 years under NDA.

With Imran Khan as PM Pakistan enters new era of politics and development

The only certainty is that Imran Khan will be besieged by entrenched institutions, a dismal politics, and dubious people who have little interest in his tabdeeli and naya Pakistan. It is amazing how the rich and powerful by and large remain comfortable with the poor and vulnerable remaining in their wretched condition.

Russia-Pakistan relations motivated by growing presence of IS in Afghanistan

Recently, top US national security advisors scrambled to salvage the strategic NATO alliance to keep Russia away from it historic influence over Eastern Europe. Meanwhile, the American press as also the policy makers counseled President Trump against isolating Pakistan. They fear an isolated Pakistan would fall in the lap of Russia. 

India may have to rework its Pakistan policy after Imran Khan's victory

The victory of Imran Khan, supremo of Tehreek-e-Insaf party (PTI), in the July 25 elections was no surprise. After all, the army-judiciary compact had unlevelled the playing field sufficiently to make rigging redundant. 

Mani Shankar Aiyar on Imran Khan's victory

The question is not whether Imran is more of a hawk or the army is less of a dove than Nawaz. If, indeed, why were we not taking advantage of that...?

Why India is educational disaster?

While our security analysts ponder the China “reset” and India’s new “leadership” role in the Commonwealth, let’s consider something far more real and strategic about our society. 

India-Pakistan must normalize bilateral ties

Islamabad’s decision to send High Commissioner Sohail Mahmood back to India  just in time to host the Pakistan National Day reception in New Delhi, and New Delhi

Sonia Gandhi fears that the Congress is being perceived as a Muslim party

Muslims are today’s castaways, political orphans with no home, for virtually every political party. This despite India being home to a tenth of the world’s Muslims, around 180 million people, making it the largest Muslim country after Indonesia and Pakistan. 

How India, Pakistan exchanging smog as confidence-building measure

Who hasn’t heard that old cliché about how Indians and Pakistanis have so much in common – food, language, music. Drive down from Lahore to Amritsar and the transition is seamless – yes there are more women visible on our side, but the people look the same; even the fields are the same, just replace the mosques with the gurudwaras.

Sharifs getting back together to save party from scattering

Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was deposed in September 2017 by the Supreme Court for not being a good Muslim under Article 63 of the constitution

India needs to enhance its quasi diplomatic outreach to counter Pakistan:Ex-GOC Hasnain

Recently Pakistan was embarrassed in the UN General Assembly by its Permanent Representative’s gaffe, when she waved the photograph of a Palestinian girl injured in an Israeli raid and tried to pass it off as a Kashmiri victim of alleged Indian atrocities. 

Pakistan’s three-time PM is set for a long exile

The Supreme Court of Pakistan, after much murky controversy, got rid of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in July saying he was not “sadiq” and “ameen” — two qualities of the Holy Prophet PBUH spelled out in the constitution as a legacy of the islamising General Zia ul Haq and his decade of military rule. Sharif went home chanting, “why was I thrown out?”

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