Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Sacrificed His Life to Uphold the Right to profess one's Religion

Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji (1563-1606), the fifth Guru of the Sikhs was born on Baisakh Vadi 7, 1620 Bikrimi i.e. April 1, 1563, at Goindwal Sahib, which now falls in the present-day Tarn Taran district of Punjab. He was the third and youngest son of Bhai Jetha Ji who later named as Sri Guru Ram Das Ji became the Fourth 


 Every year lacs and lacs of Sikh pilgrims pay their obeisance at Gurdwara Sri Hemkunt Sahib which is situated in the Himalayas in the Chamoli District of Uttarakhand State of India at a height of about 15,210 feet above the sea level. Hemkunt means ‘Receptacle of Ice’.

Rumours spread on Facebook led to Muslim killings in Sri Lanka in 2018

At a time when the world is feeling sorry for itself, amid a pandemic that is laying bare all that is wrong and unjust about it, an apology from Facebook made headlines in Sri Lanka.

China upset: Pakistan Uighurs terrorist breeding ground

Pakistan has been on the “grey list” of FATF because many of its “non-state actors” used in proxy wars belonged to other states like Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and China.

Cruelty Pales New Imaging of India as emerging Superpower

Happenings in America expose fundamental hypocrisy about this new India of ours. We want to screw over our minorities but also want to retain our image as tolerant and peaceful.

Opposition looks upward, but Modi still strong

The worm is turning, finally, though slowly. Economic hardship has almost trumped political hype. The Opposition has gained, but it also failed to knit the public angst into a coherent poll narrative and take full advantage of the situation. 

India and Pakistan agreement on Kartarpur corridor: A welcome step

Kartarpur Corridor is a unique link between two countries, India and Pakistan. It’s a novel example not available anywhere in the world where natives from one country will enter its neighbour country territory, without a visa and without a passport.

Without effective policing the lynching law would not do it alone

The glaring absence of figures relating to incidents of lynching in the recently released National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) database on the pretext that the data received from the states were “unreliable” hints at a deliberate attempt to keep the figures under wraps.

Two eminent Indian women shows us the way how to protect dignity self-esteem

This blog is about country’s  two eminent women, who are in news for two different reasons, but both have stirred the nation’s conscience  by  asserting themselves, when both of them  found that they have not been given the  treatment, both have deserved.

Our Democracy has degenerated into the might of majoritarianism

Recently, with a group of friends and relatives, I visited the iconic India Gate in Delhi. Even amid the vibrancy of the tourists from all over the country and the associated 'selfie' culture, I witnessed the massive presence of the cops and paramilitary forces.

Afghanistan: Return of Taliban to effect mostly to women, children

The US-Taliban talks have bogged down because the latter is not willing to negotiate with the Ashraf Ghani government in Kabul. Washington is keen to leave Afghanistan and save the $45 billion it spends there annually but is troubled over what the Taliban will do to Afghanistan after it leaves.

Jadhav Case: The ICJ has upheld the right to consular access.

In a final closure of the Kulbhushan Jadhav case, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) has ruled in favour of India on merits, affirming Jadhav’s right to consular access and notification. Judge Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf, president of the ICJ, delivered the 15-1 verdict on July 17.

Religion seems to be influencing Pak cricket is disturbing development

The team prays together fastidiously, recites ayats (Quranic verses) in its huddles and celebrates personal and collective milestones with sajda (the act of kneeling in Muslim prayers); they all fast during Ramadhan, some even during games.”

Elections: Idea of India may have lost its political currency

The sheer scale and size of Narendra Modi’s electoral victory poses fundamental questions beyond the usual election analysis. The BJP has not only defied anti-incumbency to increase its overall vote share, but has also made inroads into new regions and constituencies to consolidate its grip on power across large parts of India. 

The template of Hindu Rashtra

Salil Desai If the BJP sweeps the polls, what will stop it from pursuing its Hindu Rashtra agenda? It’s expected that Hindu Rashtra will declare Hinduism as our state religion, ending secularism.

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