In Pakistan, gender inequality grows as nation hurtles to a male-centric dystopia

Jyoti Malhotra writing in Pakistani daily The News in 2016 told us how the Shah Bano case in India in 1985 had highlighted the plight of a Muslim wife given “three talaqs” and driven out of her home by her husband. 

To protect dissent is state responsibility

One critical test to adjudge the claim of any country of being democratic is its tolerance of dissent and the protection afforded to the dissenter. 

Gauri Lakesh killing: a new grammar for new India, shut up or be prepared to be simply silenced

Prehaps we will never know who killed Gauri Lankesh, but maybe we can make a reasonable guess as to why she was killed.

It is not women who get raped; it is men who rape

The only way to stop rapes is by not obstructing the agency of women. Let us get this straight: It is not women who get raped; it is men who rape.

Writers' experiences of Partition is unlike the narratives focused on Jinnah, Nehru & the Mountbattens

As India and Pakistan begin celebrating the 70th anniversary of their Independence as nation-states, it is worthwhile recalling the internationalist ideas that also exercised great influence in that moment.

Triple talaq practise common in areas where fundamentalist organisations are strong

Triple talaq has become the media’s favourite subject. On the one hand, it is projected as the most important issue faced by Muslim women, and on the other, we have bodies such as the Muslim Personal Law Board refusing to acknowledge its existence in the country. 

Private jihad has shifted 'monopoly of violence' from state to non-state actor

Since Pakistan took an all-party consensual action against terrorism under the National Action Plan (NAP) in 2015-16, incidents of extreme violence have come down from their peak in 2014-15. The army controls Balochistan where a kind of insurgency was ongoing; it was also called out in Karachi which was punch-drunk with street crime coalescing with terrorism.

To bind a person to a jeep and parade constitutes grave breach of Geneva Convention

The horrific attack on the Amarnath yatra earlier this week has rightly stunned both Jammu & Kashmir as well as the entire country. But on the same day, July 10, 2017, Justice Bilal Nazki, Chairperson of the Jammu & Kashmir State Human Rights Commission (SHRC) delivered a reasoned order relating to the case of Mr Farooq Ahmad Dar, who was used as a human shield

From Romeos to Gau Rakshaks, violence a normal act

Three years after he became Prime Minister, Modi made his second statement against the vigilante violence unleashed by cow hoodlums in different parts of the coun try. 

Explore possibilities to charge Virat Kohli with sedition for praising Pak victory

We should seriously explore the possibility of one of our sansthas engaging senior legal counsel to file a case of sedition against Virat Kohli, who led India to such a disgraceful defeat at the hands of Pakistan last Sunday.

Soldier killed in combat is not a martyr

I have a problem with calling soldiers killed in action martyrs. I know it’s meant as respect and I’m well aware it’s intended as an honour, but that still doesn’t address my key concern which is that the term is singularly inappropriate.

Closed mind Hindu community proclaims flawless, guiltless

One of my heroes is the Marathi writer and social reformer Hamid Dalwai. Born in 1932 on the Konkan coast, Dalwai wrote some well regarded short stories and novellas; then, appalled by the reactionary tendencies in his faith, he abandoned writing for activism.

Country needs to find holistic solutions to its agrarian crisis

It didn’t last long enough to turn public attention away from more weighty matters like cattle trade and peacock tears, but nevertheless, the two-day ‘strike’ by farmers in Maharashtra ought to have politicians and policymakers worried everywhere. 

INDIA: the OBOR (CPEC) dissident

India needs a long-term strategy INDIA appeared like an outlier when it chose to sit out Sunday’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) Summit in Beijing.

Instant Triple talaq (Talaq-i-bidat) not fundamental to Islam

When the five-judge Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court began hearing petitions challenging the validity of instant triple talaq, halala and polygamy, there was a tizzy of excitement across India, especially in Muslim circles.

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