Maharashtra dance bar girls move Supreme Court challenging the constitutional Validity of ban on dancing

An association of women dancers, waitresses, singers and other performers working in bars and hotels in Maharashtra has moved the Supreme Court challenging the constitutional validity of a 2016 state law prohibiting dances by women in these establishments.

Marriage offer cannot be used as inducement in every rape case: High Court

 A promise to marry cannot be considered an inducement in every rape case, the Bombay high court  has ruled while granting pre-arrest bail to a 21-year-old youth after his former girlfriend lodged a case of rape following their break-up. Justicw Mridula bhatkar held that an educated girl who has consented to have pre-marital sex should take responsibility for her decision.

Infantilization of women manifests itself in Punjab’s left too: Nikita Azad

It would be an understatement to say that apart from sexualization of young girls, society infantilizes women on a regular basis. Whether in domestic sphere where men decide what is best for the family and women, or office where men consider their women counterparts as less intelligent and inferior, such infantilization manifests itself in various forms and at various places. 

Excessive abdominal fat increases risk of breast cancer in Indian women

Immaterial of their menopausal and hormone receptor status, Indian women who have a high waist-to-hip ratio (central obesity) of over 0.95 have three times higher risk of breast cancer than those who have waist-to-hip ratio of less than 0.84, according to a study published a few days ago in the European Journal of Cancer. 

Incest cases on the rise in India crime report states

One would not expect a father to rape his daughter or a son to sexually assault his mother, but the latest government figures show that scores of such offenders across the country were caught last year. Whether it is a grandfather, father, brother or son, according to the ‘Crime in India 2015’ report, there were 488 people who were accused of sexual assault.

Malvika doesn’t have a class X certificate but makes it to prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Seventeen-year-old Malvika Raj Joshi doesn’t have a class X or XII certificate but has made it to the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), thanks to her computer programming talent. Hers is a story about a mother’s conviction to break stereotypes and the self belief of the teen.

Mumbai HC struck down women’s entry into Haji Ali inner sanctum, trust to appeal verdict

The Bombay high court struck down on Friday a ban on women’s entry into the Haji Ali Dargah’s inner sanctum, a landmark verdict in a country where female worshippers are still barred in many religious places. The court said the ban violated women’s fundamental rights and asked the state to ensure protection for female devotees, granting the trust six weeks to implement the order.

RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat exhorts young Hindu women to produce more children to raise the Hindu population

RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat told complaining teachers in Agra he was not a “messenger” of the BJP-led Union Government and goaded young Hindu couples to sire more children, the second comment triggering opposition flak on Sunday. BSP chief Mayawati asked if Hindus began procreating more, would the BJP give jobs to the children?

Stick pushed into woman’s private parts forced to drink urine after sexual assault

 A woman was allegedly sexually assaulted and forced to drink urine and her daughter was molested in public by 20 of her in-laws in a village 20km from Barmer district headquarters on Friday evening. Three of the 20 persons were arrested on Sunday and produced before a local court which remanded them to 3-day police custody.

India’s first female bouncer amandeep’s news is going viral on social media

In June 2008, we saw Amandeep Kaur creating ripples for her unconventional act of getting into a profession that had been male-centered for years. A television presenter by the day, she - then a 22-year-old - was moonlighting as a bouncer at Score, a discotheque in Chandigarh. As per the online reports, Amandeep hails from a village in Punjab's Barnala district, 250 kms from Chandigarh. Amandeep, a student of Law, used to work part-time as a bouncer, four nights a week from 8 pm to 2 am. Her news of being a female bouncer, a rarity in India, was covered by renowned International news agencies like BBC. 

Accused stalker stabs girl to death in full public view for not withdwing complaint

Meenakshi. she dared to stand up to her stalker and paid with her life for not bending under threats of death.

Meenakshi, 19, was knifed to death on Thursday night in front of terrified witnesses at a crowded market in the heart of the capital, by the man she had sent behind bars for stalking her.

Sex workers of Sonagachi to start drug awareness among their customers

Sex workers of Sonagachi in the city, considered Asia's largest red light area, will launch an awareness campaign against drug use among customers. "We have been fighting against AIDS and HIV for the last few years by raising awareness among customers and sex workers. Now we have decided to launch an awareness campaign regarding drug usage among customers and a section of sex workers," durbar mahila samanaya committee (DMSC) official Bharati said. 


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