Govt. tightens its noose on fake news producers

The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting headed by Union Minister Smriti Irani on Monday amended the guidelines for accreditation of journalists.

Prime-time goes in exchanging insults - Channels prefer to promote

I wish I could say the same about the noise pollution that is unleashed upon us every evening by the high-decibel debates that rage on our news channels. Have we lost all civility in public debates?

Pak Senior journalist Hamid Mir booked in kidnapping case

Leading Pakistani TV journalist Hamid Mir has been booked for his alleged involvement in the kidnapping and murder case of a top-ranked ISI officer in 2010, police said on Sunday.

One wrong word can twist meaning and create an impression of bias where in reality none exists

Last week, senior journalist and director of the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative, Sanjoy Hazarika, whose book Strangers of the Mist remains one of the finest introductions to the complexities of the politics, insurgencies, conflicts and conflict resolution processes in Northeast India, questioned the use of the term “Assam native” in the promotional caption for the report "Man on vacation thrashed for urinating on street" appeared  in the Metro section of the Delhi edition.

Fake news getting magnified with the rise of digital and social media

Indians and the ‘Indian National Anthem’ being adjudged the best by UNESCO is probably the most common fake news going around the Internet. While this false information may have been innocuous, it captures the larger menace we face today.

Senior journalist and member of Editors’ Guild arrested on charges of extortion

The arrest of a former BBC journalist by Chattisgarh police early Friday morning near Ghaziabad on charges of extortion is becoming a political row with the opposition Congress claiming that the issue allegedly involves a sex video clip of a powerful minister in the Raman Singh government.

Maltese woman journ0 killed by remotely detonated bomb attached under her car

Police believe a bomb that killed a prominent journalist in Malta was attached beneath her car and triggered remotely, a government spokeswoman said on Thursday, giving first details of the investigation.

Reporter fails to follow the cardinal rules of journalism:acts of verification and attribution

It requires the skill of Kazuo Ishiguro to explain the emotions of the senior editors of this newspaper when they realised that the report, “Dying woman molested, video shows” (October 1, Mumbai edition), was based on a completely wrong reading. 

Editor Tarun Tejpal faces rape charge proceeding in Goa court in 2013 case

A Goa court on Thursday framed charges of rape and wrongful confinement against Tarun Tejpal, the founder of Tehelka magazine, in connection with an alleged rape case filed against him in 2013, paving the way for his trial.

Another journalist shot at in Bihar, out of danger

Unidentified miscreants shot at a local journalist Pankaj Mishra in Bihar’s Arwal district on Thursday. The incident took place when Mishra, working for Hindi daily Rashtriya Sahara, came out of the bank after withdrawing Rs one lakh. The miscreants snatched the amount after firing at Mishra.

Why India’s world ranking on press freedom is falling?

The best way to remember journalist Gauri Lankesh — and many others like her — is to recall what she stood for. It does not lie in showing her dead and bloodied body, her face thinly veiled by a computer mosaic, as India Today did on Wednesday morning. 

More rural homes watch TV than urban ones

While the world continues to hail India’s rapid rise as the second largest and fastest growing smartphone market globally, advertisers to the rural market may continue to rely on an age-old medium: television.

“Women journos face physical threats”

In zones where conflict and dictatorial regimes rule and where scribes are constantly under threat of both state and non-state actors, what drives women journalists to do their jobs is the question Nupur Basu seeks to answer.

Freedom of speech occupies a fragile and tenuous place after 70 years of freedom

Independence Day is an occasion to celebrate freedom from a colonial regime that not only cast chains of economic and political bondage upon Indians, but also fettered their freedom to think, dissent, and express themselves without fear.

Need to draw systematic relationship between academic research and journalism

It has been a truly exciting journey — writing 250 columns and addressing nearly 5,000 queries from concerned readers. The defining element of this journey has been the chance to reflect on the craft of journalism and its intrinsic value as a public good. 

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