Love of god made these women renounce everything, including their clothing

For a culture that is so conservative about women’s bodies, there are a surprising number of stories about women who take off their clothes. 

Every case of inter-religious marriage not 'love Jihad', rules Kerala High Court

All interfaith marriages should not be portrayed as 'love jihad' or 'ghar wapsi' and doing so could jeopardise the religious harmony of the state, the Kerala high court said on Thursday. 

Akhila becomes Hadiya after marrying a Muslim boy? Is it ‘Love jihad’ or not?

A 24-year-old Hindu woman, Akhila, who converted to Islam and took a new name, Hadiya, is at the centre of a ‘love jihad’ controversy that has rocked Kerala.

Freedom, knowledge and gender equality are pillars of Islamic modernity

Has Islam ever been in the forefront of modernity? Only clarity in a question can lead to honesty in the answer. 

Durga represents universal principle of holy vibration of the cosmos

The human mind being finite, cannot conceive the abstract idea of infinite Brahmn, the non-dual one without a second. 

Let AIMPLB make way for a more representative Muslims’ body

After recent events in Haryana we should not underestimate the power of men of religion. I recently had the experience of sitting next to a furious mullah in a TV studio.

A robust judiciary is central to the restoration of liberal sanity to our polity

A socially useful litigation, insisted upon by those intrepid women of the Bharatiya Muslim Mahila Andolan, has produced a Supreme Court ruling, invalidating the practice of instant triple talaq.

One go Triple talaq does not have religious sanction: Shabana Azmi

The fight against triple talaq has been waged by very brave Muslim women such as Bhartiya Muslim Mahila Andolan members. They have brought the issue centre stage. 

51-year-old Hindu along with his three children converts to Islam

A Hindu man and his family here have embraced Islam after allegedly facing social boycott for over 28 years since he married a Muslim woman.

Supreme Court’s five-judge bench strikes down triple talaq by 3:2 majority

In a historic decision, a five-judge constitution bench of the Supreme Court by 3:2 majority struck down triple Talaq, or instant divorce, practice as unconstitutional.

Placing Quran, Bible next to Gita at Abdul Kalam’s statue riles Hindu outfit

The imposing memorial of former president A.P.J. Abdul Kalam inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on July 27 here found itself at the centre of a controversy on Sunday with the Hindu Makkal Katchi (HMK) strongly objecting to the placing of the Quran and the Bible next to a model of the Bhagavad Gita that was part of the small podium on which the statue of the former president has been erected.

Triple talaq practise common in areas where fundamentalist organisations are strong

Triple talaq has become the media’s favourite subject. On the one hand, it is projected as the most important issue faced by Muslim women, and on the other, we have bodies such as the Muslim Personal Law Board refusing to acknowledge its existence in the country. 

AAP hits out at Congress, SAD for ‘politicising’ issue of GST on langar,parshad

The opposition Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) on Saturday hit out at the Congress-led Punjab government and the Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) for “politicising” Goods and Services Tax (GST) imposition on ‘langar sewa’, and said such services in all religions should be kept out of the ambit of taxation.

Paying Obeisance to Sri Guru Har Krishan Sahib on His 361st Birth Anniversary

Sri Guru Har Krishan Sahib (1656-1664) the eighth Guru or prophet teacher of the Sikhs was the younger son of Sri Guru Har Rai Sahib (1630-1661) the seventh Guru of the Sikhs and Mata Sulakkhani Ji.

Chhota Ghallughara: Chhamb Kahnuwan

            In the blood-stained pages of Sikh history (i) Chhota Ghallughara (Minor Holocaust) which occurred during March-June 1746 and (ii) Vadda Ghallughara (Major Holocaust) which took place on February 5, 1762, in each of which 40,000 Sikhs were killed present examples unparalleled in world history.

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