Riots in USA: Over 4,000 arrested as riots ravage US cities even on third day, protests spread to Europe

Tension with the cops flared up for a third straight day, prompting President Donald Trump to take shelter in a White House bunker while protesters hurled stones and tugged at police barricades.

Russia to use anti-COVID-19 drug named Avifavir from next week

Moscow: Russia will start giving its first drug approved to treat Covid-19 to patients next week, its state financial backer told Reuters, a move it hopes will ease strains on the health system and speed a return to normal economic life.

Ramazan is very special for Muslims for more than one reason

Even as the world battles a virus that has gripped the human race in its tentacles, Muslims observe the month of fasting with fervour and hope. Covid-19, in fact, should be taken as an opportunity for those who pray, because they can now do so in isolation and away from temptations of social gatherings.

UK based company likely to invest $500 million US dollars in Indian vaccine research institute

CEO of International Tax Advisors Limited, an International investment company based in United Kingdom, has expressed its willingness to invest $500 million US dollars into an Indian based potential vaccine research institute.

Human trials for coronavirus vaccine begins in UK, Germany

 Oxford scientists have said that the COVID-19 jab they are developing has an 80 per cent chance of success. More than 80 teams around the world are currently working to develop a vaccine for COVID-19, with some at clinical trial stages.

UK Labour Party elects Gurinder Singh Joshan to its apex NEC

Gurinder Singh Josan, a long-time member of the Labour Party based in the West Midlands, was on Saturday elected to its apex national executive committee (NEC) – making him the first Sikh on the key panel in the party’s history.

Pope Francis calls for ‘predators’ stop plundering the Earth for financial gains

 Pope Francis said Sunday it was time for “predators” to stop plundering the Earth for financial gain, holding up the “scarred face of the Amazon” as a warning.

Pak PM Khan keen swap Aafia Siddiqui for Shakeel Afridi

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan should have realised that he was asking for the release of a terrorist whose backers had killed Pakistanis to vent their anger at her arrest.

It needs to worry that television is playing wingman

After the extraordinary mandate the BJP won, two ideas have been put forth: that Indians have suddenly adopted Hindutva and that they want the country “saved” by a strong leader. What nobody seems ready to acknowledge yet is the colossal nudge that social media and partisan mainstream television gave to creating this twin narrative in the popular consciousness.

WhatsApp bends under Indian Govt pressure to make changes, also appoints grievance officer

Under pressure to clamp down on sinister messages, Whatsapp has appointed a grievance officer for India and detailed out the process for users to flag concerns and complaints, including those around fake news.

India, U.S. signs agreements on military communications compatability, COMCASA

India and the United States on Thursday began a new generation of military and security cooperation by signing Communications Compatibility and Security Agreement (COMCASA).

Rupee touches fresh low of 72.11 per US dollar, recovers later

High global crude oil prices, along with fears over an escalation in the trade war and outflows of foreign funds from the country's equity market segment pulled the Indian rupee to a new record low of 72.11 per US dollar.

Rupee slips to a new low; touches 71.79/$

The rupee plunged to a fresh record low of 71.79 to a dollar during the morning trade session on Wednesday.

China’s Belt and Road projectes faces reversal as countries grumble over debt trap

China’s massive and expanding “Belt and Road” trade infrastructure project is running into speed bumps as some countries begin to grumble about being buried under Chinese debt.

IS leader Abu Bakr resurfaces calls on Muslims for waging Jihad
The leader of the Islamic State group, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, has called on Muslims to wage “jihad” in a purported new audio recording.