Farooq Abdullah arrested under PSA, can stay in jail without trail for two years

Former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Farooq Abdullah has now been detained under the stringent Public Safety Act (PSA), which enables authorities to detain any individual for two years without trial, sources said on Monday.

Forced Kashmiris' subjugation aims to divide India to strengthen Hindutva forces: Sikh Intelligensia

With various Sikh organisations and farmers’ bodies coming in open opposition to callous and motivated demotion of Jammu and Kashmir status has testified that Punjab which too underwent similar type of state repression in recent past overwhelmingly stood for the subjugated people. 

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan's interview to Al Jazeera.

“When two nuclear-armed countries fight, if they fight a conventional war, there is every possibility that it is going to end up into nuclear war. 

Two eminent Indian women shows us the way how to protect dignity self-esteem

This blog is about country’s  two eminent women, who are in news for two different reasons, but both have stirred the nation’s conscience  by  asserting themselves, when both of them  found that they have not been given the  treatment, both have deserved.

Four Sikhs farmers in Italy died by drowning in cow manure tank

 Four Indian-origin Sikh men drowned in a sewage tank on a cattle farm in northern Italy due to the carbon dioxide fumes coming out from the cow manure, according to media reports.

312 Indian-origin Sikh living abroad removed from “adverse list”, can visit India

 At least 312 Indian-origin Sikhs living in foreign countries have been removed from a Ministry of Home Affairs “adverse list”, enabling them to apply for Indian visa and visit the country, a senior Ministry official said on Friday. Only two persons from the list have been excluded.

Changing life-style of asserting Indian women

With the new asserting generation of young girls and women, as a class are now showing them self,much better then males in every way of life. Breaking with tradition of sharmili-type and stay-home-type, to grabbing top jobs in banks, ITs and software industry. 

Pakistan's first woman astronaut, congratulated India on Chandaryaan's moon mission

Pakistan's first woman astronaut, congratulated India on its attempt to make a soft-landing on the Moon and called the Chandrayaan-2 mission a “giant leap for South Asia.”

No SPG umbrella for Manmohan

The decision to withdraw the country’s highest grade of protection was taken after a three-month review involving the Cabinet Secretariat and the Ministry of Home Affairs 

Information blackout sets in motion grave violations of rights of people

In the aftermath of the First World War, sociologist Max Weber told his students that not everyone realises the demanding nature of producing good journalism and that a journalist’s actual responsibility is far greater than that of a scholar’s. 

Our Democracy has degenerated into the might of majoritarianism

Recently, with a group of friends and relatives, I visited the iconic India Gate in Delhi. Even amid the vibrancy of the tourists from all over the country and the associated 'selfie' culture, I witnessed the massive presence of the cops and paramilitary forces.

Centuries old ties compel people to live in peace

This blog paints love , affection and warmth, rejecting day-to-day -acrimonious behaviour of two neighbours-India and Pakistan. 

Unhealthy foods popular at most of the multinational big food joints

This blog is about high fat and sugary food stuffs sold at MacDonald and many other multinational fast food joints.  The MacDonald India, is about 25 year old now. 

'Govt wanted to win land not hearts of Kashmiris'

From students to professionals, belonging to both Jammu and Kashmir regions, many were apprehensive that taking away the special status will render the "ecologically sensitive" province "vulnerable" to exploitation due to infrastructure-related activities.