The fact that Congress relied on the charisma of the First Family

The Congress party seems to be gasping for breath with a party president who has resigned, and squabbling leaders in the states, even where it is in power. 

Religion seems to be influencing Pak cricket is disturbing development

The team prays together fastidiously, recites ayats (Quranic verses) in its huddles and celebrates personal and collective milestones with sajda (the act of kneeling in Muslim prayers); they all fast during Ramadhan, some even during games.”

Plea to initiate dialogue with Pakistan says for Deputy Chief of Army staff

Pakistan's Prime Minister, Imran Khan, in keeping with the prevailing sentiments in the country, called upon India to resolve the Kashmir problem, including that of Siachen Glacier and Sir Creek.

The template of Hindu Rashtra

Salil Desai If the BJP sweeps the polls, what will stop it from pursuing its Hindu Rashtra agenda? It’s expected that Hindu Rashtra will declare Hinduism as our state religion, ending secularism.

U.P. Muslims demonstrate they still count in India’s democracy

Uttar Pradesh continues to hold the key to political power in the country. The results for the 80 parliamentary seats in this keystone State will decide who governs India. 

Fatehpuri Masjid in Delhi is 17th century mosque

  Fatehpuri Masjid is a 17th century mosque named after the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan’s wife- Fatehpuri Begum. Built in 1650, the mosque is constructed entirely of red stone and boasts of a fluted dome and towering minarets.

Holla Mahalla: A Colourful Festival of the Sikhs

Holla Mahalla, which is sometimes termed as ‘Holla’ is a Sikh festival. Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji (1666-1708) the tenth prophet-teacher of the Sikhs started Holla Mohalla a kind of March on Chet vadi 1 (the day after the full moon day),

Priyanka a new political icon of Gandhi family born

Rahul Gandhi has just won his first three elections, having fought and lost more than 30, so he is finally being seen as a leader. And not just a bumbling heir. Is this the time for his sister to come in as number two on the board of the family firm?

B'desh fourth time in same hands

 Hasina took oath as B'desh PM for 4th consecutive term 

Veterans probable choice of Congress for the posts of CM

A neck-neck fight between the young and old school of Congress

BJP faces setback in the semi final election before 2019 final; TRS clean sweeps Telangana

Congress emerges in lead in the major election results which may set the stage for 2019 elections