Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji Sacrificed His Life to Uphold the Right to profess one's Religion

Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji (1563-1606), the fifth Guru of the Sikhs was born on Baisakh Vadi 7, 1620 Bikrimi i.e. April 1, 1563 at Goindwal Sahib, which now falls in the present day Tarn Taran district of Punjab. He was the third and youngest son of Bhai Jetha Ji who later named as Sri Guru Ram Das Ji became the Fourth Guru of the Sikhs and Bibi (Lady) Bhani Ji, daughter of Sri Guru Amar Das Ji, the Third Guru of the Sikhs.

Holla Mahalla: A Colourful Festival of the Sikhs

Holla Mahalla, which is sometimes termed as ‘Hola’ is a Sikh festival, which falls on 1 vadi (the day after the full moon day) of the Lunar month of chet, the first desi month in the lunar calendar. This festival usually falls in March the day after Holi, which is a Hindu festival. 


Bhagat Ravidas Ji was born to Raghu Ji and Ghurbinia Ji who lived near the city of Varanasi in U.P. He is respected by the Sikhs because he is one of the fifteen Bhagats whose compositions have been included in Sri Guru Granth Sahib,  the Holy Book of the Sikhs. 

Malala tops among most admired women of the world, next Angelina Jolie

World’s youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai is the second most-admired-woman, the first being Hollywood leading lady and philanthropist Angelina Jolie, according to the YouGov UK poll.


ri Guru Har Rai Sahib (1630-1661) the seventh Guru of the Sikh faith

was born on January 31*, 1630 at Kiratpur Sahib in District Ropar of Punjab. He was

the grandson of Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib (1595-1644) the sixth Guru of the Sikh faith

and son of Baba Gurditta Ji (1613-1638) and Mata Nihali Ji. 

Ancient Nalanda University reopens after 800 years

Nalanda University in Bihar's Rajgir district started its first academic session on Monday, nearly 800 years after the  education institution was destroyed. Students attended four sessions on the first day, 9am to 1.30pm. 

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