Despite the government’s efforts, Pakistan is also not friendless in the world:Chidambaram

Even by the usual standards it was a l-o-n-g communique consisting of 109 paragraphs, each marked not by a number but by a bullet point. I can imagine what would have happened when the deputies gathered to draft the communique. I am reminded of how a camel was created: the Creator appointed a committee to design a horse and when the Creator breathed life into the design, a camel was born!

Why Dalit's personal, social and political self-identification must?

Rohith Vermula's Dalit status is being questioned. Did he belong to the Scheduled Castes (SC) or not? The acronym SC comes from a twin set of words, Scheduled Caste. Aside from its usage in the law, SC has acquired social and personal meaning in casual usages like “are you SC?” and a corresponding self-identification in responses like “Yes, I am SC”. I want to set this apart from Dalit status through a seemingly contradictory personal narrative: I am Dalit, not an SC.

China restructuring Silk Road for expanding its influence

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s return from his trip to the five post-Soviet countries of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan, (collectively known as the “Stans”) and Russia prompts the question: What relevance does the history of the Silk
Road have for the present?

Modi's silence over debate over Preamble keeps the controversy alive

THE only good thing Prime Minister Indira Gandhi did in her repressive rule during the Emergency was to include the words, Secularism and Socialism, in the Preamble to the Constitution. Morarji Desai, who succeeded her, had all the changes she made in the Constitution deleted, but retained the amendment to the Preamble.

Exit polls give AAP power in Delhi, BJP second, congress rout

A year after its 49-day stint in power ended abruptly, Arvind Kejriwal's AAP was set to return to power in Delhi, exit polls said Saturday after record voting in assembly elections whose outcome is bound to have national ramifications.

Economic sinews are the best ties that can bind India and Pakistan together

Prime Minister Narendra Modi must be regretting that he invited President Barack Obama for the Republic Day. The latter made no secret of demolishing the Bharatiya Janata Party's ghar wapsi slogan and the other programmes related to Hindutva ideology. He reminded India of its commitment to religious freedom, consecrated in the Constitution.

Gender discrimination in India is county’s most shameful social realities

As one of the world’s most socially heterogeneous societies, building solidarity across social groups has been a singular challenge in India. Social bias in India is pervasive across a range of key cleavages — whether caste or class, region or religion.

Is there any role of common men (awam) in improving Indo-Pak relations?

While British India became independent and was divided into India and Pakistan for a more peaceful and saner future, we know that this is yet to be realised. Since separation, there has largely been a culture of war and extreme hatred. In these 67 years, there have been four major wars, countless ceasefire violations and indirect clashes suffered by divided families, prisoners and fishermen.

So, will Pakistan ever be safe for Malala?

We had just sat down for lunch on Friday when the news came. What? Really? We looked at each other in that surge of joy and disbelief. Then, Zohra Yusuf’s cell phone rang. Some channel wanted her beeper on Malala Yousafzai’s Nobel Peace Prize. 

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