Keeping Kashmiris in limbo

If Kashmiris matter, their anger, misery and hopelessness should shake both India and Pakistan to their core. Sadly, the opposite is happening. The policies adopted by India and Pakistan vis-à-vis Kashmir appear to help each other’s case while keeping Kashmiris in limbo.

Partition and the Two-Nation Theory

The Subcontinent was partitioned in an extremely hasty, deceitful and bloody manner by the British.

IGNORING OBOR: India is depriving itself of an opportunity to shape the transforming landscape of Asia

The recently held India-China strategic dialogue provides a useful reality check on the state of the play. Over the past year, the relationship had reached an impasse owing to China’s unwillingness to support India’s entry into the Nuclear Suppliers Group and to allow Masood Azhar of Jaish-e-Mohammed to be placed on the United Nations Security Council’s terror list.

An “unproductive dialogue” until it is based on some strategy

The India-China Strategic Dialogue held in Beijing last week was not productive. But Foreign Secretary S Jaishankar said in his statement not less than four times that his talks with Chinese officials were “useful”. Nuances are what make diplomacy an absorbing pastime. 

The politics of hate profoundly polarizes and divides our society

On February 28, 15 years would have passed since a gale of violence engulfed 20 out of the 25 districts of Gujarat. This persisted for several weeks, and in some places for months, as state authorities did little to control it. More than 1,000 people, the large majority of who were from the minority Muslim community, were killed. Tens of thousands of homes and small business establishments — petty shops, wooden carts, autorickshaws, taxi jeeps, eateries and garages — were set aflame, and cattle and lifetime savings looted. 

Does religion form the core of the Pakistani identity and is it reconcilable with democracy?

Writing in the Lahore-based The Nation on January 13, ex-army chief Mirza Aslam Beg vouchsafed the following wisdom: “Unfortunately democracy [in Pakistan] has been preferred over the principles of Quran and Sunnah. No government in the past or the present one, nor the conglomeration of over two dozen religious parties, ever made any serious attempt to fortify our ideological identity. 

Punjab Dalits Have Fractured Identity and Lack Consolidation

 Sufi singer Hans Raj Hans joining the Bharatiya Janata Party does appear to be a surprise on the face of it. He was brought recently into the Congress party fold by Captain Amarinder Singh with fanfare. If we take a long-term historical and sociological look at Dalit politics in Punjab, it is not a surprise at all. 

Engaging with Pakistan to chip away image of permanent enemy

Nearly seven decades of hostility between India and Pakistan produced no clear winner except for the global arms industry. But this has not stopped a low-intensity war being fought against scenic Himalayan backdrops from claiming casualties on either side of the Line of Control with brutal regularity. 

Dalits asserting their rights, posing question to BJP

Ironicallyat a time when the BJP government headed by Narendra Modi has been praising B.R. Ambedkar, the great champion of the rights of the ‘untouchables’, the Dalits, as they are now called, have been in angry revolt against the BJP. Modi’s own state Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh go to the polls next year. In 2019, the country will have a general election.

Is referendum the only way out to bring peace in J&K?

There is celebration in heaven when a single sinner repents. In Indian Parliament, there is little freedom for back benchers to speak their own mind. Yet P Chidambaram has boldly spoken the unspeakable about Kashmir. He is the first ranking member of any of the political parties to say openly that India (that is all except J&K) has reneged on the bargain the Kashmiris were promised.

Naidu says Pakistan is trying to break up India through proxy war

In the wake of the recent killing of Hizbul Mujahideen leader Burhan Wani by brave security forces in an encounter, bizarre and strange arguments have entered public discourse with some intellectuals, as also a section of media sympathising with the terrorist and pillorying the government and security forces.

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor will be the great “destiny changer” for Pakistan

Much hope floats on the potential of the ambitious China-Pakistan Economic Corridor — but many are also highlighting the ambiguity about some links in the project. Is China about to transform Pakistan? The unanimous consensus in Pakistan is that it is, and quite comprehensively too. Since April 2015, the term, which has probably received far greater traction in the print and electronic media, more than any other, is “game changer”.


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