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Basant Panchami : A Socio Religious Festival
Basant Panchmi a common festival of all religious groups related with spring season is celebrated all over India, every year, on Panchmi i.e. the fifth day of the bright half of the lunar month of Magha, the eleventh month of the Bikrimi year.
Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji : A Great Social Reformer
          Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji was a great social reformer. He has forbidden observance of Saradhs and Sootak Paatak. The tradition of holding saradhs among the Hindus has been in existence since times immemorial which are held in the memory of the deceased pitters (ancestors) every year in the month of Asu, the seventh desi month which corresponds to the month of September. 
PM Imran Khan inaugurates Kartarpur Sahib Corridor to humanity
Kartarpur shrine here for the first time  witnessed the joy and happiness lit large on the faces of the Sikhs who have gathered here from all over the world to  who have gathered here to participate in the opening of the Kartarpur Sahib Corridor by the Pakistan prime minister Imran Khan on an auspicious day.

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Actor turned politician Gugni Gill still keeps entertainment industry close to her heart
A passion and instinct of acting did not let actor turned politician/philanthropist Gurinderdeep Kaur to do away with entertainment. Famous as Gugni Gill Panaich, the actor turned politician believes that acting and film industry will remain always close to her heart.
The template of Hindu Rashtra
Salil Desai If the BJP sweeps the polls, what will stop it from pursuing its Hindu Rashtra agenda? It’s expected that Hindu Rashtra will declare Hinduism as our state religion, ending secularism.
Models with three breasts walk at Milan fashion show
Among many of the bizarre fashion statements, the latest one to make news are the three-breasted models walking the runway at Milan Fashion Week.

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